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I grew up going to Camden Yards for Orioles games, to D.C. for Smithsonian visits and to cheap oakley sunglasses Charlottesville for football games in the fall. And so I've always had a reverence for the timeless designs I encountered in those places.

On the flipside, the West Coast has a much fake oakleys more laid-back, free-spirited vibe. So when I moved out to Southern California after college, I was instantly struck with how different it was from the East Coast.

With Knockaround I've tried to meld that traditional East Coast feel with the casualness you fake oakley sunglasses find on the West Coast. So we've taken the classic Wayfarer frame and infused it with a sense of creativity. And with our low price points ($7-$25), Knockarounds are perfect for the beach. Because if you do happen to have too much fun and leave them behind, no big deal you can still afford to get another pair!

As far as the tech of the shades, is there cheap oakleys anything particular that you believe sets them apart from other sunglasses or do you just try to keep it simple and comfy?

All of our sunglasses offer full UV400 protection. They're lightweight and comfortable to wear. With sunglasses, I think simpler is better. And Knockarounds are pretty tough. But even the toughest sunglasses can break if they get sat on. That's where the low price comes in. For $14, discount oakley sunglasses you can lose 'em or break 'em. No big deal.

Now you just signed on as a sponsor of LXM Pro Tour, a professional lacrosse tour. Lacrosse is a huge sport in Maryland and all over the East Coast, but it's growing rapidly throughout the country. What was your motivation to sign on with them replica oakley sunglasses and what other future plans do you have in the works that you can tell us about?

I'm a big lacrosse fan. Growing up on the East Coast, lacrosse was everywhere. In college I went to games all the time, even road-tripping up to Hopkins and [Maryland] for games. Knockaround recently signed on as a co-sponsor with the LXM Pro tour. When I moved out to California back in 2005, there wasn't much of a lacrosse scene. But the LXM guys are doing great things to grow the sport on the West Coast. I wanted Knockaround to be a part of that.

Lastly, since this is a beach blog, what advice would you give for the oakley sunglasses discount young people out there going to the beach this summer?

My advice to the young people headed to the beach: Don't forget your Knockarounds!



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